Love A to Z

This album delivers a cool mix of uplifting jazz, classic pop & blues, plus a few latin rhythms. 9 of the 10 tracks are fully acoustic and you'll hear strong, smooth vocals, backed by world-class musicians, serving up hot trumpet, sax and harmonica solos.

The songs on "Love A to Z" span the many facets of Love, from unrequited longing, in "Strangers Again," to elated fulfillment in "For Now She Loves Me," to the love of life itself, in "Hey Life," the album's rousing opener! Each song expresses an aspect of love to which anyone who's ever loved can easily relate. The tender "I Remember" tugs at your heart strings, as a city slicker recalls the sweet, small town he abandoned for a new life in the Big Town. "Love A to Z" tears down the the confines of Jazz categorization, touching on Americana, Blues & Swing, and in "Flying Saucers," the album even delves into the mid-century Novelty Song genre!

Vocalist Angelo Divino represents a long tradition of American singers who, with great skill and execution, revive Standards in the style of the famous singers of the past. Currently, Angelo’s new album is dedicated to the theme “Love (from) A to Z,” with 10 songs, in which each theme can be identified.  Everything flows with swing and elegance, in keeping with the best American tradition, providing the perfect soundtrack for any evening.

By Vittorio Lo Conte of MusicZoom

Swinging jazz/cabaret vocals are alive and well in this cats well-honed chops. Tasty stuff that goes well with real martinis, Divino will have you checking out the full gamut of everything love does and does to you. A solid set from a quadrant that doesn’t seem to have enough real adherents these days, he’s a cat that knows how to set the bar. Check it out.

Chris Spector, Editor and Publisher of Midwest Record Entertainment Reviews

Divino’s voice is enthralling on all tracks. He has the capacity to hold notes for long stretches, and does so without any apparent strain. In this way, Divino incorporates some of Sinatra’s style into his own. Divino sings with a hint of vulnerability. There is not a lot of swagger here; it is more akin to honesty. Because of this, Divino offers audiences something different. The 10 songs on “Love A to Z” are likely to delight new fans and cause them to eagerly await Divino’s next album.

By Dodie Miller-Gould, of LemonWire

Angelo sings from the core of the lyrics as well as from his heart. He is not a trickster – he just delivers completely.

Grady Harp, Hall of fame Top 500 Reviewer

Ultimately, this is an album worth listening to more than once, as it grows on the listener. There are definitely some fine songs and Divino’s vocals are an easy listen. He deserves kudos for such a fine job on this mixed bag of material.

Reviewed by John Hoglund for Cabaret Scenes